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Local Business Roundtable

The Wausau Area’s premier free networking opportunity.


THRIVE Lunch Wausau

Casual networking over lunch.


Local Networking Groups

Visit our directory of Wausau area local networking opportunities.

Local Networking Groups

Our roundtable and THRIVE lunch aren’t the only games in town. The Wausau area features a vibrant collection of networking groups, both open and referral based. Please explore our directory of area networking opportunities and visit the ones that match your goals and networking style.

Visibility, Credibility, Profitability

Networking isn’t about making the sale. Instead it is about cultivating business relationships that grow and expand with time. Staying in-touch or visible within your network will result in long term business success. Plant those seeds and watch them grow.

But, networking is also a two way street. Professionals that help and refer business to others will receive valuable credibility within their contact sphere. Visibility in the community and credibility with your peers will result in profitability.

How quickly to most business deals close?

According to a Chilton Research study, it may be longer than you would believe.

  • Close within the first three months 15%
  • Close within four to six months 24%
  • Close within seven to twelve months 34%
  • Close more than twelve months 27%

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