Wausau Business Connection is dedicated to the memory of Steve Steffke, a consummate business networker.

I met Steve in the the fall of 2010. I had just started my business and knew I needed to meet people. So I hit every networking event I could find. I heard of a group that had just started in Wausau called THRIVE Lunch. It was a networking group that also supported locally owned restaurants. Perfect, I thought. This is right up my alley. Approaching the restaurant, Steve was the first person I met. He warmly welcomed me, and his energy and passion for meeting new people and networking drew me in.

With THRIVE Lunch and the Local Business Roundtable, I’m glad to have met Steve and to be able to carry on his vision and passion for creating these networking opportunities for the Wausau area.

Steve, a Milwaukee area native, would often tell the story of an experience he had shortly after moving to the Wausau area. Back in the day, the movers and shakers would eat at the Wausau Club. Not being a member, he was fortunate enough to be invited to dine with George Ruder. Not knowing anyone in the community, he jumped at the opportunity. What was discussed at that lunch is long forgotten, but Steve left the meeting with this sage advice:

Never eat alone.

Wausau Business Connection, with it’s Local Business Roundtable and weekly THRIVE Lunch are committed to that endeavor.

Michael Martens
co-founder, Local Business Roundtable